Seven Windows — book cover photography


Technology has created a much more level playing field for small publishers and self-published authors. Small presses and individuals can produce final products that are equal to the major publishers — except sometimes, there's a problem.

The cover.  Independent publishing might produce a great book, but all too often, the book's cover is not equal to the writing. Of course, many independent publishers do produce great looking covers, but there are some who need better visual image resources. And almost every serious self-published author will need to outsource covers.


If you are a small press or an independent book cover designer, I can provide beautiful cover photography for you. You know the frustrations of using stock and royalty-free images.  You probably already have several cover art suppliers, and I hope they're doing a great job, just add me to your list.

If you are an individual author planning to self-publish, congratulations, but first, you need an experienced designer to visually create your book. You've put your heart and soul into your writing. Don't ruin it with some do-it-yourself cover from some do-it-yourself website. There are great freelance people out there who do brilliant book design. (Need some names?) I will work with you and your designer to produce a beautiful, custom cover for your book.

You are writing an original work — shouldn't it have an original cover? Sometimes, in fact, having your book's cover done and ready to go in advance is a great motivation to keep writing and actually get the book finished. You already know it's going to look great.


All the images above are original work that I produced myself. No stock photos, no royalty-free images, nothing "borrowed" from the Internet. Everything you see came out of my own camera.

Stock photos are sold to the general public. Some of them get used over and over by hundreds (even thousands) of people. An original photograph with exclusive usage rights is yours and yours alone. Beyond that, a custom photograph can include subject matter that is specific to your book, or is personally meaningful to you.

It's mid-April 2014 right now, and I'm still developing this idea. What you see above are sample book covers with fictional titles and author names. (I'm a photographer, not a graphic designer, I'm just showing you some ideas.)

I've sent out a few emails asking people to come take a look, and I'm collecting feedback and opinions.

Your thoughts?  email: